Bugatti Veyron To Roar On Indian Roads

By Divya Sai on 10/30/2010

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A glimpse of Ferrari raises the adrenaline level of any Indian, the touch of a Rolls Royce gives you the luxury feel of a king and if you are not from a metro city of India, probably you wouldn't even have ever seen a Lamborghini on road.
But now, a car far above these cars in terms of looks, speed and luxury is ready to say "Namaste India", and that's Bugatti Veyron from the Volkswagen Group.
At a top-speed of 407 km/hr and cost of 16 crores (onwards) INR it is faster (fastest car on production that is allowed to drive on normal roads) & costlier than any other car in the India. From Tata Nano to Rolls Royce, Indians have cars to suit all the segments, but Veyron has re-defined top class luxury segment of Indian automobiles.

But the top-speed won't be able to take you to Mumbai from Delhi in 4 hours. I am not blaming the Indian roads for this, the reason is the car itself. According to Forbes India, "The engine will cut out after 55 seconds of hard acceleration. At which point the car will hit top speed. In 12 minutes, she’ll run out of fuel. A good thing, because at top speed the tyres last for just 15 minutes. (Those tyres cost an eye-watering 40,000 euros a set.)"
The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport car has a huge power of 1001 BHP, which helps it arrive at 0-100km/hr in 2.5sec with a limited top speed of 407kms.

Engine of the car has been joined with a computer controlled, seven speed dual clutch direct shift automatic transmission, which takes a mere 150 milliseconds for gear shifts. Car also includes number of ten radiators for the engine cooling system, for transmission oil, for engine oil, a heat exchanger for the air to liquid inter-coolers.

The reason behind entering the Indian market is of course the successful marketing done by other luxury car companies in India, including Rolls Royce.

"Bugatti has been doing well in America, Europe and the Middle East. Now we see India as an emerging market for us, hence we have decided to bring the car to India," Bugatti Automobiles sales market manager (Middle East, Europe and India) Guy Caquelin told reporters in New Delhi.

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