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By Divya Sai on 12/08/2009

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Careless driving is too common these days. Whether it's your fault or not, you cannot avoid frequent scratches, dents or even broken parts of your own car while driving it in the busy streets of your city. And even if the vehicle is duly insured, it is not easy to replace the parts every time with brand new parts. So in such circumstances, the best option is to replace the damaged parts with used branded parts. This is a pocket-friendly way of renovating your cars and bikes.
But finding the exact part of your interest is not easy. Although daily hundreds and thousands of cars and bikes are dumped into various junkyards, but there is no accurate database of what is available for re-use and what's not.
But recently Parts Hotlines has started a service in the United States, which makes it easier to search and buy used auto parts online.
Simply visit their website, select your vehicle make, year of manufacture and of course your location...and voila within seconds you will be shown a list of premier auto salvage yards across the country where the used auto parts of your interest are available.

According to the information available on their website, the founders of have been leaders in the discount auto parts industry since 1984, so you can expect a quality service from them. Moreover they have a real time used auto parts database, so if an auto salvage yard enters the used auto part you need into his inventory at 10:00 am and you search for the part at 10:01 am, you'll see that he has the auto part you need. It's that fast and accurate!

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Online is a huge market for traders. Internet not only facilitate buyers but also provide ease customers or consumers. They can attain information, do shopping etc via online and save a lot of their time and money....thanks for sharing.

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