Mahindra Bolero Clocked A Fantastic Mileage of 35.15 km/ltr

By Divya Sai on 12/08/2009

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If you are dropping your plan of purchasing an SUV just because of high maintainance cost, then think again, if you can neatly maintain an SUV like Bolero, then it can deliver you a mileage of 30+ km/ltr diesel.
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M) recently organised the Mahindra Bolero Mileage Marathon aimed at highlighting the mileage of this SUV, at Kochi. A total of 32 Bolero families participated in the event which was a special customer-centric initiative.
“The Mahindra Bolero Mileage Marathon in Kochi gave a clear idea on fuel efficiency of this great economical SUV. A testament to this is the winning mileage of 35.15 kms/litre clocked by Mr. Seby K B. The Bolero’s superior value proposition, style and rugged appeal coupled with our customer-centric approach to business have been major contributors to its success over the years,” said Mr. Vivek Nayer, Senior Vice President – Marketing, Auto Sector, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.
The Mileage Marathon, covering a distance of approximately 58 kms, was a close contest with the first runner-up, Mr. James C K, clocking an average of 31.35 kms/litre, while the second runner-up, Mr. Jamseer T S, clocked an average of 28.79 kms/litre.
Mahindra Bolero is of course not as muscular as Scorpio or Tata Safari. But considering the initial cost and the maintainance cost, it still has its own place in the Indian SUV market.

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mahindra suv will is greater. it beats tata innova

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