Mercedes Benz - A Car For The NxtGen?

By Divya Sai on 10/29/2009

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You wouldn't have seen this car on the streets yet. A prototype by Mercedes shows a unique design which is definitely not for the 40+ part of the population with zero knowledge of video games or PC games, have a look on these pictures and decide yourself what's the perfect age group eligible to drive this amazing sedan!

Nothing special???
Now have a look on its interiors...

Neither steering wheel nor the pedals are present. The car has been designed to work only with a joy-stick!

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Mahindra Rodeo - TV Commercial

By Divya Sai on 10/06/2009

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Mahindra PowerScooters are on the roads...
Check out the 30 seconds video clip below, featuring Mahindra Rodeo:

- Both the Mahindra Rodeo & the Mahindra Duro are 125 cc gearless Power Scooters
with several class defining features

- The Mahindra Rodeo is priced at Rs. 41,299 (ex showroom Pune), while the
Mahindra Duro is priced at Rs. 38,299 (ex showroom Pune)

[Read complete details here]

- The scooters are looking tiny to be called as 'boys toys', but do you think they are too 'girly' or are 'unisexual' just as shown in the commercial? #ShareYourViews

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