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By Divya Sai on 8/30/2009

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Bidding is not always paying more than others. The auctions at Rockybid are completely different from the usual auctions. Rather than paying more than the actual price of the product, at the end of the auction you may get the product with as much as 99% discount.
The launch of the website was reported by both Reuters and RedOrbit.

So what's new in their bidding method? Read on...
It's simple:
Unlike e-Bay and other traditional auction sites, where bidding is free, on Rocky Bid you pay for bidding (just $0.75 per bid).
Why should I pay to bid?
Rockybid's auction strategy starts sale items off at $0 and sets a closing date and time for auctions. Each time a bid is placed, the price increases by just $0.01 or $0.15, depending on the auction, and 15 seconds are added to the auction countdown clock. The winner of the auction is the last person to bid when the timer reaches zero.
And what if I lose a bid?
Don't worry, you can use the value of the bids to pay the price of a future winning auction within 30 days
Any good products listed/sold by RockyBid?
Honda Hybrid was sold for $1.24 (given out publicly; video on website).
I.E Nintendo WII for $0.99, Playstation 3 for $1.39, ATv for $0.06. Recently a Gold Bullion was sold for around $120 (including delivery charges) which is worth $1100. So what are you waiting for, start bidding and bring all the products listed on your wish-list to your home.

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