Rs.2500 - Rs.3000 Discount on Yamaha FZ 16 and FZ-S

By Divya Sai on 7/28/2009

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No doubt, currently Yamaha-India's sales are almost at an all time high, and it has just added a booster to it.

If you are a student and are planning to buy Yamaha FZ-16 or FZ-S, then you will straight away get a flat discount of Rs.3000

And that's not all, if you are already an owner of any Yamaha bike then simply refer your friends to buy FZ-16 or FZ-S and save Rs. 2500 for your friend and get reward of Rs. 500 for being a loyal customer of Yamaha on every purchase.

Now, Look the same offer in these words:

If you are planning to buy a new Yamaha FZ-16 or FZ-S, then find someone who is already an owner of ANY Yamaha bike (you will find hundreds and thousands of them in your college/office or social networking sites like orkut or online forums like, and ask them to be your referrer. They will get Rs.500 from Yamaha and you will get Rs.2500 discount on your new bike :)

And remember Offer is valid till 31st August 09

Rs.3000 discount to students.

Rs.2500 discount to referrals.

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