Kawasaki Planning to Design Bikes For The Night Riders

By Divya Sai on 6/10/2009

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Riding a motorcycle at night is of course not safe, and specially if you are new to biking, then you must avoid driving at night.
But now Kawasaki is coming up with a new technology to make your night riding a better experience.
Kawasaki has developed its own infra-red night vision technology, giving riders a view beyond the range of the bike's conventional headlights. A pair of infra-red cameras are mounted behind the bike's rear-view mirrors, picking out images even in pitch darkness, these work together like a pair of eyes to give a stereoscopic view to the bike's on-board computer. These cameras calculate the distance between the bike and the objects in the front, which is displayed through a LCD screen to the rider.
The technology is of course not new and has already been used in the high end versions of BMW and Mercedes.
You may read the details of this forecoming bike at GizMag.org [source]

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