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By Divya Sai on 12/22/2008

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As many people are searching for some useful and quick reviews of FZ16, so here some short and perfect reviews collected from mouthshut.
Here's what zipzap.biker says:
Till date I used to believe the two bikes which I had earlier, samurai had the best pickup and the CBZ was the best of all in terms of power and pickup" however the first feeling of FZ16 was " awesome".
The best features to highlight are as follow’s
1) The Headlight : Very bright and clear ...High beam is too good.
2) The rear monocross suspension is too smooth.
3) The front/rear suspension and the disk break are very responsive.
4) The rear tyre (140/60) radial tubeless provides a very good road grip even when the bike is bent on a turn at extreme angles as well as the front tyres.
5) The handle bar is of the right length and desing that provides a very good control.
6) Very good pickup.
7) The digital console is beautifully desingned and can really see the colours comming to life once the ignition key is turned on.
8) smooth engine performance that is enhanced by the small and cute silencer which not only adds to the look but also the performace of the bike and weight balance towards the center.
Last but not the least the styling is superb especially the parking light (front).

Things that can be improved/added
1) Crash gaurd
2) kick start
3) Could have had FI technology and rear disc breaks.

The next user Praste, has although recommended to purchase the bike (gave 5 stars rating to the bike), but has listed some problems that he has faced till now:
The first problem he has reported is that, the company is not providing (doesn't have it in their stock) required amount of spare parts in the showrooms/service centers.
Another big issue is the amount of dust and water that gets kicked up by the front wheel, the engine is bound to get a good amount of sand blasting unless Yamaha provides us with some quality accessories!

The website claims that Yamaha develops products based on customer feedback! Guess what??? There is not link on thier website that allows a customer to provide one!!! How frustrating can that be?

Bike --- 5 star
Service(Showroom) - 4 star
Yamaha approachability -- no star!

Siddhart Rane, got a ride on his friend's bike, and has reported his experience in the review, he himself owns a Honda Unicorn, so the readers can see the difference where he got impressed by the bike - as a comparison or advantage over his own Unicorn.
"Amazing!", that’s the only thing I’d been saying when I saw the bike. Then came the good part, my friend handed over the keys, (the key looks great too!, well sculpted!) The riding posture is amazing! It gives you a big bike feel. thump the starter and a great exhaust note welcomes you.

Off we go, since it was evening and rush everywhere, maneuvering the FZ was "freaking amazing!" Also I noticed, its a great torquey bike to ride in the city, in heavy traffic conditions. Awesome low end grunt! even with a pillion, who is almost 6’2", the handling was not twitchy at all.

Overall ;
handling: excellent, pickup: excellent, bring vegetables during peak hours + laundry: No problem! Stoppie: Piece of cake. [Didn’t try, saw overdrive mag, seems easy! ;)]
For the average Joe, I’d say, its a great bike! No doubt what so ever. An amazing, well thought out package for the Indian roads. Weekend long rides must be bliss on this bike.. hoping to ride one soon into the sunset.

from Maharashtra says:
The front number plate doesn’t gel with the overall physique of FZ-16 as I feel it negates (kills) the attitude and mean looks that is exhibited by FZ-16 to a very large extent!!
The starter and the starting of FZ-16 is the least noisy affair. You will be surprised how easily this bike comes to life at one go and that too without a using a choke!! The bike has no kick mechanism to start and one has to rely only on self-start.

FZ-16 takes gear changing to next level and that too with a single toe lever. One can’t use heel to shift and the disadvantage on this is that the office executives may have their shoes worn out or may look jaded, especially the left one!! The gears have absolutely no false neutrals, no judders, vibration, it’s a spot on and a solid feel that one encounters.

I can simply say that this bike has the best brakes in its class and no one can come near it forget matching it!!

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number plate kills look of bike... see... http://bike-details.blogspot.com/2009/01/yamaha-fz-16-with-front-number-plate.html

there should be option for position of num plate!!!

Posted on January 17, 2009 at 9:08 AM

wat i want to knw is ,this bike dsnt have kick at all. wat if self start fails to start the engine?

Posted on May 27, 2009 at 8:50 PM

Bhagwan bharose of course :)

Posted on May 27, 2009 at 9:06 PM

I would recommend buying the kick when you buy the bike (Kick is extra 700Rs) but the show room guys will install it for you if you ask them.

Posted on June 30, 2009 at 8:21 PM

I brought Fz-S just one month before, I am getting mileage of 25kmpl in city condition and highways 35kmpl if i drive at speed of 52 kmph around 4300 in 5th Gear, I just covered 320 kms in ODO
Mileage is very low

Posted on September 22, 2009 at 2:00 PM

i to got the same prob buddy...i think v shud wait till 1st servicing

Posted on November 8, 2009 at 5:25 PM

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