World's Ex-Fastest Car - Bugatti Veyron

By Divya Sai on 12/13/2008

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The two words "World's Fastest" are enough to bring an adrenaline rush in to your body. No matter how the car looks, it's speed is enough to thrill you. But when the looks are as stunning as the technology, then it becomes the perfect mixture of extreme sporting. Bugatti, from VolksWagen is such an example being the world's fastest and also one of the most expensive cars, priced at 1.2 million Euro, or around 8 crores INR (excluding taxes, import duty etc.). And of course this one is definitely NOT for Indian roads, actually very few roads/race tracks around the world are suited for this monster. Powered by a 736-kilowatt (1,001 PS/987 hp) W16 engine, it can reach 408.47 km/h (253.81 mph), believe me 1000 PS is not a joke, that's something like redefining the engine technology, and 400+ speed has to defeat not only the road's friction but also the air friction (A complicated aerodynamic engineering is seen in Veyron). It needs about 1.33 gallons (5 liters) of gasoline per minute, now you may know what does a 1000-horse power means, fuel efficiency is the last thing considered while selecting a sports car :)

The car reached full production in September 2005, and is handcrafted in a factory Volkswagen built near the former Bugatti headquarters in Château St Jean in Molsheim (Alsace, France). It is named after French racing driver Pierre Veyron, who won the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1939 while racing for the original Bugatti company. Two examples of the Veyron are known to have been wrecked since production began.
I have just read an exclusive review in Overdrive magazine, and could not stop myself blogging about, so I am sharing a few points that I found interesting...

Initially to start with, lets check out the engine, or specifically How Hot is the Engine:
The engine requires 10 heat exchangers, but still left uncovered to dissipate as much heat as possible, to name the heat exchangers, they are three coolant radiators, two intercoolers, two air-conditioning condensers, two oil-coolers and one engine-oil cooler.
The first Two and Half seconds, that's it, you are at 100Kmph speed. And in other 15-16 seconds, you will be travelling almost at the speed of sound.

The Veyron, in reverse gear will out-accelerate the McLaren F1.
At top speeds of 400+ Kmph, the tyres last just 15 minutes. At 408 Kmph, Veyron is even faster than a jet (at the time of take-off).

Veyron Fng par Hermes:
It's the limited edition Bugatti Veyron variation, teamed with French fashion house Hermes (for the leather interiors) - costing an additional $4,50,000.

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