Piaggio MP3 Series

By Divya Sai on 12/01/2008

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Piaggio from United States, has made some hybrids of what we individually call as Scooters and motorcycles.
You can also call it as a 3-wheeler, but just have a look at it's picture, it's not our local Auto Rickshaw :)

These new scooters with a completely different look are named as MP3, with variations MP3 250, MP3 400 and MP3 500, which respectively corresponds to their engine's displacement values.

With aggressive styling and performance, the Piaggio MP3 500 is the three-wheeler for people who want to stand out. ‘Safe fun’ is no longer an oxymoron. Two front wheels and a revolutionary parallelogram front suspension together with the new double ignition Master 500ie engine give the MP3 500 very racy performance while remaining exceptionally safe.

According to the company:
The Piaggio MP3 500 streaks away from traffic lights and takes all kinds of terrain in its stride, handling twisty mountain roads and long rides in all safety whatever the weather conditions thanks to its two front wheels commanded by an extraordinary parallelogram front suspension. This revolutionary technical set-up ensures impeccable road holding in all riding conditions, with stability and braking power that no conventional scooter can provide.
The Piaggio MP3 500 is as easy to ride as a traditional scooter, while its incredible stability, especially when cornering and braking, comes from its two front wheels. The introduction of the twin spark system has also made it possible to optimize combustion inside the cylinder, with a reduction in noise and gas emissions.
The bike gives you the ability to lean up to 40 degrees, and may be to do a stoppie too, BUT if you love your bike as much as you love yourself, then do not try what is being shown in the picture :
The MP3 uses regenerative braking technology, the battery can charge in 3 hours, yet the range on battery alone will be in the 10-15 mile range.

Moreover, as you can see in the pictures that, you don't have to put your leg on the ground while you are for the green light :)

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is this being launched in india?.......if yes when...i am waiting to buy one for my self(only 500cc)

Posted on July 26, 2009 at 10:55 AM

how many prise in india?
i want piaggio mp3 in india

Posted on January 2, 2010 at 11:15 AM

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