Bajaj To Launch A New Bike Every Month From January 2009

By Divya Sai on 12/23/2008

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According to Reuters, Bajaj said it would launch a new motorcycle every month from January to attract buyers.

Bajaj said motorcycle and scooter sales dropped 37 percent in November. All vehicles, including three-wheeled motorised rickshaws that rose 13 percent, were down 32 percent. And Bajaj is expecting the fall in sales for December too, as dealers have already piled up their inventories which need to be sold off first. And due to this slowdown Bajaj has lost it's second position to Honda (at least for the month of November, 2008) [From]

To beat the slowdown, group firm Bajaj Auto Finance Ltd is offering a retail finance scheme to buy Bajaj's vehicles at an interest rate of just under 8 percent, Bajaj Auto Ltd said in a statement.

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