Chandrayaan 1 - Destination Moon - Mission Accomplished

By Divya Sai on 11/14/2008

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It's not bikes this time.
Now India is in the 5 elite countries list, to have it's flag [Moon Impact Probe (MIP)] on Moon.
Chandrayaan today reached the final resting orbit, about 100 kms from the moon. The timing of this proud moment had been specially designed to coincide with Children's Day.Chandrayaan will remain in this orbit for the next two years.
The device inbuilt with three instruments: radar altimeter, video imaging system and mass spectrometer, ISRO has carried out three orbit-lowering moves since the spacecraft entered the lunar orbit on Saturday. The spacecraft, which was launched on October 22, was propelled on its 3,86,000km voyage to the moon in a number of stages, with its orbit being raised progressively towards the moon by activating its liquid motor.
The idea behind flying the tricolour on the moon was of former president and legend space scientist A P J Abdul Kalam, who had suggested the ISRO scientists in an International Lunar Exploration Working Group conference held at Udaipur in November 2004.
The MIP will send the still and digital video graphic pictures to the ISRO scientists that will be used for analysing the surface of the Moon, only natural satellite of our Earth. “The unmanned Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft will map the moon to get an idea about the minerals present there, which is of prime importance,” said ISRO official.
Wait for the pictures to come soon direct from Chandrayaan 1....

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