Relaunch of TVS Flame (Single Spark Technology)

By Divya Sai on 3/14/2008

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TVS Flame - Single Spark Technology
After losing the long technical-legal battle with Bajaj over its new bike Flame, TVS is again brining the same bike into production but with a different engine this time.
The earlier CC-VTi engine had two spark plugs and three valves (first-outlet, second-inlet). At low RPM’s only two valves were functional and the third valve (inlet) became functional at high RPM’s. It was this because of the use of two spark plug for its single cylinder configuration, TVS was asked by the Madras High Court to stop selling and producing the 125 cc Flame. According to Bajaj Auto this was an infringement of their patented DTSi (Digital Twin Spark Plug Ignition) technology.
This time the company incorporated a single-spark ignition engine based on controlled combustion variable timing intelligent (CC-VTi) technology.
The engine has been developed and patented by Austria-based AVL and has been licensed to TVS in India. AVL is the world leader in internal combustion engine technology and develops power train systems. It is a leading provider of technology to the global engine and automotive industry.
Its mileage/fuel efficiency is still not clear with different opinions from different people :-
(1). “There would be no difference in terms of efficiency,” Venu Srinivasan, chairman and managing director of TVS, said. --- according to
(2). Apart from the conversion of twin spark plug technology to single spark plug ignition, everything else would be the same in Flame, Srinivasan said. The new version of Flame will give a standard mileage of 60-65 km per litre. --- according to

The showroom price for the new Flame has been kept at Rs 46,000.
Now the question is : "Will this spark turn to Flame ? "

The company, on Sunday, also entered the three-wheeler market, dominated by Bajaj, by announcing the launch of a 200cc auto-rickshaw named ‘TVS King’ :-
 Venu Srinivasan in the new 3-wheeler "TVS King"

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