TVS Flame lost the patent fight with Bajaj

By Divya Sai on 2/18/2008

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Flame turned to Fumes

The long battle  between Bajaj and TVS finally ended (almost), with a decision going completely against TVS....No booking, No sales and No more manufacturing.
Bajaj will be really happy to win this case as this will definitely bring a lot of new customers towards its would be market leader in 125cc segment - Bajaj XCD. After this judgement Bajaj with already a complete back up against TVS Flame - its plan to introduce new improved - "Bajaj XCD 125cc Sprint", may be delayed (as there's no need to be hurried for its launch).
On the other hand TVS, which already faced many losses this year, had ony left hope was "The Flame", which unforunately has been banned on Saturday to either manufacture or sell, creating even image issues for such a big reputed (third largest indian two-wheeler company) company.
125cc has been a very important & crucial segment for any bike manufacturer in India, with a major group of commuters belonging to middle & upper middle class, people mainly look for initial cost and mileage, and with increasing number of young bikers, they even consider the looks !
Flame with a competitive price (Rs. 45,000 ex-showroom) to any other bike in its range, and with an even better mileage claim of company - 112 Km/L (on road estimated - 80 km/L), and ofcourse the looks - digital speedo, aerodynamic body & disc brakes. But one thing that extinguished the flame - their newly designed CC-VTI engine
In the words of Rahul Bajaj : "This is a landmark judgement. It does not matter who won the case," he told reporters on the sidelines of a conference here. "This case highlights that auto engineering products do not have proper patent procedure, he said, adding this would put forward a procedure for technology patent". 
The friendly gesture : "I am happy with the verdict. I have nothing against TVS. Venu Srinivasan (TVS Chairman) is a good friend. It (the case) is a completely commercial subject," Bajaj said.

The Madras High Court on Saturday restrained TVS from manufacturing, marketing, selling and exporting two or three wheelers with an internal combustion engine, including the new Flame 125 or any such engine or product which infringes on Bajaj's patent.
But many people are still saying "The case is still open, for TVS Motors may approach the Supreme Court".
And other possibility : Sources among the auto components suppliers have a suspicion that TVS Motors may have a second engine ready for Flame.

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